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Online Directory FAQ's

What are the computer requirements to use the Alumni Directory on a personal computer (PC)?

  1. Your operating system must be Windows 2003, Windows XP/SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  2. Use Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser version 7 or 8 or a newer release; or Firefox 3.5.2 or later
  3. Add alumni directory website URL to your safe sites. Start Internet Explorer, click on "Tools", click on "internet options", then the security tab. Click on the "Trusted Sites" zone. Then click on the "Sites" button. Enter and click on the "Add" button. Click on the "Close" button and then the OK button. Close Internet Explorer and open it again.
  4. Change browser options to load a fresh copy of each webpage. Start Internet Explorer, click on "Tools", click on "internet options", then the "General" tab. Under the heading "Browsing History", click on the "Settings". Then click on the "Everytime I visit the webpage" button. Click the OK button twice.

What are the computer requirements to use the Alumni Directory on a Macintosh?

  1. Verify that your Mac's operating system is Macintosh OS X Panther Version 10.5.8
  3. You must use Safari (version 4.03 or higher) or Firefox (version 3.5.2 or higher) as the web browser
  5. Safari version must be 1.2.4 or above
  6. While in Safari check the preferences (note: these are all set in the same window.)
    Go to the Safari menu item > Preferences > 
    Remove download list items: UPON SUCCESSFUL DOWNLOAD 
    Check: Open "safe" files after downloading
    Open links from applications: IN A NEW WINDOW
  8. After setting the above options, Empty the Cache  (one of the selections in the drop down list under the word "Safari").
  10. Close out of Safari and reopen it.
  12. Go to, click on "Alumni Benefits", click on "Alumni Online Directory", then log in.

What information about me will be displayed in the new directory?
Displayed standard directory information includes:

What if I don't want my standard directory information displayed?
Your name and preferred class year will always be displayed but you can "opt-out" from having your standard directory information viewable by other alumni.

How do I opt out?
If you wish to opt-out of the Online Directory please email the office of Alumni Relations at

What is my username and/or password to log in for the first time I visit the directory?
Look on the the label on the latest issue of Towers. It appears above your name. You may also contact the Alumni Office at

I visited the directory and changed my password. Now I've forgotten it. How do I retrieve it?
Click on "Did you forget your user ID or password?" and follow the instructions.

What if my standard directory information is incorrect?
With the Otterbein Alumni Online Directory, you can edit and update your information. Begin by logging into the online directory if you haven't done so already. Your username and password are printed above your name on the mailing label on your Towers magazine, and on the online directory flyer you received.

How soon is my change posted?

I married my college sweetheart. Can we complete one "opt out" form?
Unfortunately, you will both need to complete a form since your records are kept individually and you both have separate usernames and passwords.

Will my old password and username work with the new directory?
No. Use the username and password printed on the label of the May announcement flyer for the Online Directory or the upcoming Summer edition of Towers magazine.

If I "opt out" can I still use the directory to see the records of other alumni?
Absolutely. All alumni are welcome to make use of the networking benefits available with the new directory. However, we hope that once you understand the benefits, you will consider sharing your own information.

If I "hid" part of my info in the old directory do I still need to opt out?
Yes. This is a completely different operating system. The profile you built in the old directory will not be transferred.

Currently, I do not receive mailings because I requested "no mail." What will appear on my online information? Do I need to "opt out"?
No, we will honor your previous request. Only your name and graduation year will appear.

I have requested to receive no phone calls. Will I need to request this again using the opt-out form?
No, we will honor your previous request. Your record will not show your phone number. All other info will display.

How long will my username and password appear on the mailing label?
Until you log in and change it.

If I change my username and password, what will appear on the mailing label?
The mailing label will not show your new username and password. Those areas will be blank.

I just graduated. How long will it take to be issued my username and password?
You should receive your password prior to, or within weeks of, graduation. If you have any concerns, or need a login id sooner, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations.

The name displayed for me is correct but I would like it to be formatted differently. How can I change it?
Your name, as displayed in the directory is actually used for a multitude of listings - reunion mailings, fraternity/sorority listings, academic departmental lists, and donor recognition mailings. Dramatically re-formatting your name may make it difficult for your fellow alumni to identify you in the directory and on these lists. Therefore, name formats must maintain a degree of consistency. Generally Directory name must contain: the constituent'ss first name, followed by maiden or graduation name for alumna, and last name. Professional suffixes such as DDS, JD, MD and PhD are not displayed. If you have a specific format you would like to have displayed, please contact Laurie Draper at 614-823-1954.

I think this is the coolest thing ever. Can I use this data to create an invitation list for some of my friends for our reunion?
While that is possible, we would like to recommend that you contact the Office of Alumni Relations to seek their assistance in marketing your event. Moreover, there may be alumni who have opted-out of the directory but would be eager to learn of your gathering.

I am moving to a new city. Can I search the directory to find a list of alumni there?
Yes! And you can also search by zip code, class year, last name and involvement.

Is it possible to share additional information about my life since college?
In addition to standard directory information, each alum (at his/her own option) has the opportunity to "turn on" screens that will publish information about their education and significant other. For others to be able to view this information, choose "View or update your information" from the main menu. Click on "Spouse/partner" or "Education" and click on the edit button. From this screen you can change your information and also choose whether to publish it for others to view.

How does all of that relate to electronically updating my own information for the alumni office?
As soon as you relay, insert, or update information about yourself in the new on-line directory, the information is immediately visible to both fellow alumni and the Office of Alumni Relations (provided that you have indicated that other alumni are allowed to see your information.). All data entered into the alumni online directory is visible to the alumni office. Changes and additions are reviewed daily and uploaded to the constituent's permanent record. Even if you opt-out/mask all of your data, you can still use the online directory to make our office aware of changes to your record.

How do I find others who participated in the same activity that I did while in college?
At the search screen, using the drop down box in the field labeled "involvement" and select the activity you wish to search on. This field can be used alone or in combination with the locator fields "City" and/or "State." Commonly, another use would be in conjunction with a "Preferred Year."

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